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Determining Blood Alcohol Content in Oklahoma

Although the law says that anyone with a blood alcohol content at or above .08 is legally intoxicated, the effects of alcohol differ from one person to the next. In fact, no two people react to alcohol in the same way.

Metabolizing Alcohol

Blood alcohol content, or BAC, refers to the weight of alcohol per volume of blood. After you drink, alcohol passes into your stomach and is absorbed into your intestines. It then enters your bloodstream and settles into your organs before it leaves your body through urination. The process of breaking down alcohol is called metabolism.

Every person’s body functions to metabolize alcohol in the same way; however, no two bodies metabolize alcohol at the same rate. Gender, body temperature, weight, medical history and even the presence or absence of food in your stomach will all impact the way that your body processes alcohol.

Testing for BAC

When officers administer a chemical breath, blood or urine test to determine your BAC, they are attempting to gauge the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream. Note that because metabolism is a fluid process, your BAC can and will vary from hour to hour and will change dramatically as time elapses.

Since your BAC is not a static number and since so many biological factors exist that can impact the way your body breaks down alcohol, determining an exact BAC reading at the time you were behind the wheel is almost impossible. Add in the unreliability of the machines that the State uses to measure BAC and this test result is almost moot.

Don’t Let a Number Convict You

If you have been charged with a DUI in Oklahoma after submitting to a State-administered breath or blood test, don’t panic. Board certified DUI defense attorney Bruce Edge and his elite team know how to defend you against this number. Do not hesitate to schedule a free, no obligation with us today. Fill out your information on our site, or call (877) DUI-EDGE or (918) 582-6333 right now.

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