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Illegal and Prescription Drugs and an Oklahoma DUI

Illegal and prescription drugs present a unique problem that is not found in DUI cases involving alcohol.  Often, these substances can stay in your system long after they have an effect on your ability to operate a vehicle. And, unlike alcohol, measuring impairment is much more ambiguous when it comes to drugs and medication.

Driving with Illegal Drugs

The war on drugs has caused lawmakers to crack down on those who drive under the influence of any illegal substance. Oklahoma does not have a limit on the amount of drugs that must be in your system before a drugged DUI arrest can be made. However, certain types of substances, such as marijuana, can leave metabolites in your system long after use. This means someone who ingested marijuana days before could still be charged with a drug-related DUI.

Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medication

Most people do not think of prescription and over-the-counter medication when they hear about DUI; after all, these drugs are taken to make you healthier. However, antidepressants, painkillers, antihistamines and even decongestants can affect your ability to drive and result in a drugged driving DUI arrest.

Consult a Drugged Driving DUI Defense Attorney

The penalties for driving after taking medication or illegal drugs are no different than if you drove under the influence of alcohol: you could face fines, a substance abuse assessment and jail time. Fortunately, the attorneys at the Edge Law Firm understand the subjective nature of DUI cases involving illegal and prescription drugs, and can use their well-earned experience to help you.

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