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Oklahoma Administrative DUI Case

After being arrested for DUI in Oklahoma, you face two legal actions: administrative and criminal. The administrative action, which includes a driver's license suspension, is imposed automatically—unless you act quickly to contest this penalty.

Administrative Penalty for DUI

Because driving is considered a privilege and not a right, the regulation of your driver's license is an administrative matter and the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety has the authority to revoke your license after a DUI arrest. The administrative case is entirely separate from your criminal charges, which means that you could lose your license even before you go to court or are found guilty.

You have 15 days to contest the DUI license suspension by requesting an administrative hearing. To do so, you can either submit a Request for Hearing or Modified Driver's License Form in person at the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety Office, or mail it in. Failure to get your request in before the deadline means your license will automatically be suspended. Due to numerous technical issues it is highly recommended that a competent attorney make this request for you.

Fighting Your Administrative Case

The ability to drive is critical for many Oklahoma residents. Unfortunately, you may lose your privilege to drive after a DUI arrest unless you appeal your license suspension. Attorney Bruce Edge of the Edge Law Firm can help you submit the proper paperwork and prepare for your hearing in an effort to fight the administrative action against you. 

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