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Oklahoma Car Insurance After a DUI

A DUI conviction can result in a number of consequences in your personal life, including an increase in your car insurance rates. Many auto insurers will raise their rates following a drunk-driving charge—in some cases, they can even terminate your policy altogether.

Insurance Requirements After a DUI

You may have heard of SR-22 insurance. This insurance document proves that you have coverage and is filed with the state as a condition of driver's license reinstatement after the DUI suspension period is over. Oklahoma does not require SR-22 insurance; however, if you were convicted of drunk driving in another state that does require it, you will have to maintain SR-22 until the filing period is over.

Oklahoma does require all drivers to have liability insurance. This means that even if your rates are increased following a DUI charge, you will be required to pay your premiums in order to legally operate your vehicle in the state. Failure to carry insurance coverage could result in additional penalties, including fines, jail time and suspension of your license and vehicle registration.

Avoiding Increased Insurance Rates

For many people, auto insurance is already expensive enough; a DUI conviction can cause premiums to skyrocket. Fortunately, avoiding increases could be possible. If you are successful in fighting your charges, or your offense is reduced to a non-DUI disposition, you will not experience the increased rates associated with a DUI. 

The costs associated with a DUI can become overwhelming, which is why fighting your charges is so important. For a free analysis of your case, please contact the Edge Law Firm at (877) DUI-EDGE or (918) 582-6333 or through our online contact form.

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