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Oklahoma Drugged Driving DUI

When most people think about DUI, they assume the charge related to alcohol or illegal drugs. However, many people are unaware that driving after taking medicine prescribed by a doctor could result in an arrest for driving under the influence.

What is a Drugged DUI?

Taking any substance that compromises your ability to operate a vehicle is classified as driving while intoxicated. Unfortunately, if you are taking prescription medication and are not sure how it will affect you before getting behind the wheel, you are risking a drugged driving DUI charge.

The most common medications that result in DUI arrests are painkillers, such as Oxycodone, or anti-anxiety medications like Xanax. Sleep medication, such as Ambien, has also been cited in a number of driving under the influence charges.

If you are pulled over and suspected of drugged driving, a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) may be called in to evaluate your appearance and behavior for signs of impairment. A blood or urine test may also be administered to measure the presence of any substances in your system.

Penalties for Drug-Related DUI

The penalties for a drugged DUI are the same as those for an alcohol-related DUI if this is your first offense, you will be charged with a misdemeanor and could be sentenced from 10 days to one year in jail, a substance abuse assessment and evaluation and fines up to $1,000. Subsequent offenses will result in more jail time, higher fines, and an ignition interlock device requirement.

Fighting a drug-related DUI is possible, especially with an experienced team on your side. At the Edge Law Firm, our attorneys have undergone intensive training on the science and law behind drugged DUI cases. In fact, Bruce Edge is one of only two attorneys in Oklahoma who has received his board certification in DUI defense.

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