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Oklahoma DUI Blood Test

Of the three possible tests that can be administered during the course of an Oklahoma DUI investigation, the blood test is the most accurate. Unlike breath tests, which use a breath sample to analyze alcohol compounds and calculate blood alcohol content (BAC), blood tests are a more direct means of measuring the amount of alcohol in the blood. Unfortunately, blood tests are not without their problems.

Administering the Blood Test

In administering the test, the blood sample must be drawn by a medical professional in a hospital or clinical system. Because blood is organic matter, it must be stored properly to ensure accurate results. Improper storage could lead to fermentation, causing an inflated BAC reading, so it is essential that the sample is stored properly and that the chain of command is properly documented. If any link in this chain is missing or a person cannot be located, the validity of the BAC result could be called into question.

After the sample is transported to the testing facility, it is put into a device called a gas chromatograph. This machine separates and analyzes the compounds in the blood to determine the amount of alcohol in the system.

Testing over the Legal Limit Doesn't Mean You're Guilty

Using an incorrect mixture of chemicals, storing the blood sample improperly or utilizing a faulty gas chromatograph device could affect the results of a blood test. Fortunately, the legal team at the Edge Law Firm has undergone training on Oklahoma's BAC tests, and can use their experience to challenge your reading.

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