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Oklahoma DUI Blood Test Defenses

Blood tests are regarded as the more accurate means of determining blood alcohol content (BAC) in a DUI investigation. However, there are a number of factors that could render incorrect results. A blood test expert can evaluate the circumstances of your blood draw and quality of the sample to help challenge your reading.

Common Defenses against the Blood Test

Blood is organic matter and, as such, it is subject to degradation if the sample is not drawn, prepared or stored properly. Only trained medical experts should collect the blood sample, as something as innocuous as cleaning the site of the blood draw with rubbing alcohol could artificially inflate the reading.

As soon as the sample is collected, the correct mixture of preservatives and anticoagulants must be added to the blood to prevent fermentation. Even small changes in temperature could speed the rate of fermentation. This, of course, will cause a rise in the sample's alcohol compounds.

A gas chromatograph is used to analyze BAC. This centrifuge-like device separates the compounds in the blood and measures the alcohol; however, the machine could confuse alcohol-like compounds and increase the reading.

To avoid the chance of errors, the medical professional, police and forensic lab are supposed to document the blood sample's chain of command. If any piece of this chain is missing or undocumented, this may be enough to challenge the validity of the blood test.

Don't Accept the Blood Test at Face Value

As you can see, a lot can go wrong with the blood test. There is also a chance that the prosecution can used flawed test against you. The legal team at the Edge Law Firm has access to the top blood test experts, and can work with them to evaluate your reading.

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