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Oklahoma DUI One-Leg Stand Test

If you're like many people, being asked to balance on one leg—even under the most ideal circumstances—sounds a little difficult. However, if you were pulled over for DUI, chances are that you were asked to perform this physical task on the side of a road at night, with cars passing by, officers red and blues flashing and the stress of being pulled over by the police on your shoulders. With so much at stake, successfully completing this test is next to impossible. Unfortunately, failing this test can result in an arrest for drunk driving.

Performing the One-Leg Stand Test

To administer the one-leg stand test, the officer will explain the instructions and demonstrate how the test should be performed. You will be asked to stand on one leg with your other foot six inches off the ground, while you count aloud for 30 seconds and look at your foot.

While you are performing the test, the officer will look for "clues" of inebriation—such as hopping, swaying, putting your foot down, and using your arms for balance—to justify arresting you for DUI.

Contest Your Field Sobriety Test Results

Field sobriety tests such as the one-leg stand are subjective and can be difficult for many people to perform. The legal team at the Edge Law Firm understands how the one-leg stand test should be administered and the possible problems with this form of testing.

If you have questions about your DUI arrest or any field sobriety tests you were asked to perform, contact attorney Bruce Edge for a free case evaluation via our online form or by calling (877) DUI-EDGE or (918) 582-6333.

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