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Oklahoma DUI Walk-and-Turn Test

Designed to measure your ability to follow instructions and complete a physical task, the walk-and-turn test is used by Oklahoma law enforcement to evaluate whether a driver should be arrested for DUI. The problem with this test, however, is that the scoring is subjective and there are a number of factors other than intoxication that could make it difficult for an individual to perform the test to the officer's standards.

Walk-and-Turn Test: Performance and Scoring

The officer will begin by explaining the walk-and-turn test and demonstrating how it should be performed. After asking if you understand, the officer will direct you to perform the test, which consists of taking nine heel-to-toe steps forward on a real or imaginary line, making a turn with one foot set and using a series of small steps, and then walking back in the same manner. As you take these steps, you must count each aloud and keep your arms at your sides.

While you are performing the test, the officer will look for eight signs of intoxication. These include: starting the test early, trouble balancing while listening to instructions, taking an incorrect number of steps, incorrectly pivoting, using your arms to balance, stopping during the middle of the test, not walking heel to toe and stepping off of the line. If you exhibit two or more of these signs, you can be placed under arrest for drunk driving. 

Defenses Against the Walk-and-Turn Test

The walk-and-turn test can be difficult for many to perform; especially individuals who have leg problems, inner ear conditions or those who are over the age of 65. Even a person who doesn't have a physical condition can have difficulty performing under the stress of being pulled over by a cop. 

The truth is the field sobriety test scoring is subjective, and no one knows that better than the legal team at the Edge Law Firm. To learn how your walk-and-turn test results could be contested, fill out our online contact form or dial (877) DUI-EDGE or (918) 582-6333 to schedule a free case analysis.

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