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Oklahoma Felony and DUI

While most DUI offenses are charged as a misdemeanor, certain factors can raise drunk driving to the level of a felony offense. Felonies carry higher penalties as well as the loss of certain rights, so this is certainly a charge that should be taken seriously.

What Makes a DUI a Felony?

Generally, a second or subsequent DUI offense committed within 10 years of a prior conviction is classified as a felony. Please note that a previous charge reduced to a non-DUI disposition will not count against you as prior convictions but a deferred sentence may count, depending on when it occurred.

There are also additional offenses that could result in a felony charge, such as causing an accident while intoxicated that results in serious injuries and/or fatalities.

Penalties for a Felony Conviction

Unlike a misdemeanor offense which carries jail time, a felony conviction can result in one to 20 years in state prison. Other potential penalties include fines up to $5,000 and a lengthy driver's license suspension. Once your license is reinstated, you will be required to mount an ignition interlock device in your vehicle so your blood alcohol content (BAC) can be tested before you start your car.

The federal government also imposes consequences on convicted felons. With a felony on your record, you are prohibited from working in certain fields (such as education or government agencies) as well as from voting or owning a gun.

Even renting an apartment, applying for a loan or even leaving the country for vacation or business becomes more difficult after a felony conviction.

Being charged with a felony does not mean that you have to be convicted. Let the experienced legal team at the Edge Law Firm evaluate your case and explain your options at this time. To schedule a free consultation, please complete our online form now or call (877) DUI-EDGE or (918) 582-6333.

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