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Oklahoma Preliminary DUI Hearing

There are a number of court appearances you may be asked to make when you are fighting a DUI charge. One of the first hearings you will attend after arraignment is the preliminary hearing, where the judge will decide if there is enough evidence against you to warrant a trial.

What Happens at the Preliminary Hearing?

The preliminary hearing is similar to a trial. During these proceedings, the prosecution will attempt to establish that you were operating your vehicle while intoxicated, and your defense attorney will challenge the evidence against you. Each side may present witnesses for questioning and cross-examination, and the prosecution may introduce the field sobriety or breath test results obtained in the course of your DUI arrest.

If the judge does not believe there is enough evidence for a trial, your charges will be dismissed. However, if the judge finds the prosecution's evidence to be strong, the legal process will continue.

Contact a Defense Lawyer for Representation

Not all DUI cases go to trial. If your defense attorney can challenge the evidence against you, or arrange a plea bargain with the prosecution, there is a chance that your case may end before going all the way before a judge and/or jury.

The legal team at the Edge Law Firm only handles DUI cases, so we know the legal process as well as the prosecutors and judges. For more information on fighting a drunk-driving offense, fill out our online form or call (877) DUI-EDGE or (918) 582-6333 to schedule a free analysis of your case.

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