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Posting DUI Bail in Oklahoma

To be released from jail after being arrested for DUI, you will have to post bail. Bail— which may include cash, bond or property—is used as collateral to ensure that you will return to court for the scheduled hearing. Failure to show could result in a warrant for your arrest and forfeiture of this collateral.

The Bail Process

After you are arrested for DUI, you may be required to spend some time in a holding room until the judge is available to set bail. In some cases, the jail may have a set bail amount for certain crimes. To be released, you will have to post bail on the condition that you will not be arrested for any further crimes and that you will show up to court at the appointed time.

There are several options when it comes to posting bail. If you or your family can afford it, you can write a check or provide cash for the full amount. You can also put up property (such as a house) for the full amount. If you cannot afford this, a bail bondsman can post bail for you. For this option, you will be required to provide 10% of the bail amount as a nonrefundable fee to the bondsman.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, the judge could release you on your own recognizance. Essentially, this type of release waives any required payment on the condition that you will later appear in court.

After Bail Is Posted

After you have posted bail and are released, it's time to speak with an attorney at the Edge Law Firm to map out your next steps. Bruce Edge and each member of our team exclusively practices DUI defense . We are, ready to help you fight your license suspension and criminal charges. Call (877) DUI-EDGE or (918) 582-6333 or complete our online contact form now to schedule a free case analysis.

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